Monday, February 6, 2012

Report On Workshop

The Inaugural function has started at 10 am with the Lighting of Lamp by Swami Sankaranandhaji, The Administrator, Yatiswari Saravana Bhava Priya Amba, The Secretary, Shri K.Subramaniam, Pro Vice Chancellor, Vivekananda Yoga University, Banglore, Shri Pit Pichappan, University of Macau, Macau, and Smt M.Malarvizhi, The Principal, followed by Invocation of Smt.G.Parameswari. Selvi B.Vijayalakshmi, Librarian has given the welcome address. Yatiswari SaravanaBhavaPriya Amba has blessed the participants. Swami Sankaranandhaji has honored the Chief Guests. Selvi B.Shantha,III B.Sc Maths has read the Minutes of Previous Meeting. Smt M.Malarvizhi has given the felicitation Address. Smt. V.Rajarajeswari, Head, Chemistry Dept has introduced the Chief Guests. The inaugural address was given by Dr K.Subramaniam and the Chief Guest address was given by Prof. Pit Pichappan. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Smt.R.Muthulakshmi, the Vice Principal.
       Among the 91 participants attended,  21 were the faculty members from various institutions and 70 were the Research Scholars.
       After the Tea Break, the Technical Session I started at 11 am which is handled by Shri Pit Pichappan. He initiated the research culture at South Tamilnadu by providing some inputs. He has explained about doing good research, writing and publishing good papers in peer reviewed Journals. It is really very technical, scientific and point to the issues.
       After the Lunch Break, the Technical Session I started at 2 pm, which is handled by Dr K.Subramaniam. It is interesting and thought provoking speech. Then, Shri Pit Pichappan shows some Illustrations. After these sessions, Smt C.Hema, Librarian, The Madura College, Madurai has delivered lecture on "Data Mining".
        The valedictory function started with prayer song at 4 pm. Smt.A.Vijayalakshmi, Asst Prof., Tamil Dept has delivered welcome address. The feedback was given by a few participants. The certificates were distributed by Shri Pit Pichappan and Yatiswari SaravanaBhavaPriya Amba. The Vote of Thanks was given by Smt N.Kamala, the Head, Dept of Commerce with Computer Application. With the college song, the workshop came to an end.

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