Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Library Services


Students are enjoying open Access system in the library. An average of 60 students is visiting library daily. 50 extension, 12 issues, 10 return are the average numbers of book circulation per day.

Reference Service:

Reference books such as a dictionaries, subject dictionaries, encyclopedias, gazetteers, year books, directories, atlases, lexicons are available at library, and the staff are ready to help the students to search information.

Referral Service:

Library Staff are there to guide them to the resources, where it is available and have to search.

Current Awareness Service:

Library is used to notify the current information to the respective users for the benefit of them.

Clipping Service:

The Xerox cutting of newspaper, periodicals used to be put up on notice board for the benefit of the users.

Circulation Service:

The U.G. students can enjoy 3 library cards, they could take 3 books at a time. They can keep the books for 7 days. The P.G. students can enjoy 4 library cards, They could take 4 books at a time. They can keep the books for 15 days.

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